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grace darling

Smith Street Sign on the old Grace Darling Hotel


You will find plenty of great coffee shops


Smith Street offers a variety of health treatments

grace darling hotel

Enduldge in a quirky shopping experience

welcome Smith Street is the junction between Collingwood and Fitzroy. The street is well known for it's colourful vibrancy and it is an urban melting pot. Often sought after as a film location for it's diverse offerings, it is a favorite destination of Melburnians in the know.

You will find from factory outlets to quirky shopping experiences and items you can get nowhere else. Its bars and nightlife are notorious haunts for trend setters. Its food brings people from all walks of life with a history and longevity of several generations.

To get 'the look', live 'the life style' you will find it all on Smith Street.

Just as Paris' Champs Esylee's colourful history adds to it's appeal and charm, so too Smith Street's melding of social and cultural related history has produced an array of individual gems and stories waiting to be discovered ...

You don't come to Smith Street to be the same as everyone else, you come to Smith Street to stand out. Make sure you check out mens rings here

did you know
... Smith Street was Melbourne's first suburban shopping strip.
... the first Coles store was opened in Smith Street in 1914.
... a tunnel was used to communicate between the Foy & Gibson department store on Smith Street and their warehouses located between Little Oxford Street and Wellington Street.